A moon to watch over all your secrets, while you sleep.

Moon over Aunu’u Island, American Samoa.


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    Tess Elliott December 19, 2016

    It’s so beautiful. Your world around the sea is so different from everything I have experienced. Love your different perspective. I have always wanted to take Night sky navigation at the Museum of Natural History, mostly because, as a landlubber, I can’t imagine finding my way from moving stars, when I would also be moving on a boat. It’s quite terrifying to think of, until you realize the stars can be learned. In childhood we moved several times, and each time, if I could find the Big Dipper, I would feel relieved. To be out at sea with no landmarks, in daylight, only knowing East and West…so alien from my much smaller world. I would like to learn it just so I always know where I am. The Earth is so beautiful, no matter how savage life can be. I would want to come back again and again as a human just to have a new experience with this amazing place.

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      Monty December 21, 2016

      I have been a lifelong sailor, and yet the stars are still a mystery to me. I know enough to get by and rely too much on a GPS. The most wonderful sight and feeling to experience is being in the middle of the ocean on a night filled with stars. The waves moving under the hull as you lay on the deck with the weight of a billion stars on your chest. A great iPhone/iPad app is called Starwalk. You point it to the sky and it recognizes and describes the formations. Enjoy. Thanks Tess.

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